Thursday, 11 April 2013

Another week goes by in the wonderful land of TY....

We all arrived back on Monday refreshed after our two week break for Easter! :)

Of course we didn't. We came back in to school like zombies .... but, with excessive fatigue comes over tiredness. With over tiredness comes giddy-ness. So we were actually all very excitable. The week started off really well, with not too much work pressure.

It was a typical Monday really, apart from in Science when we got to do a cool experiment to extract DNA from a kiwi. We did this by using washing up liquid, salt, and warm water that was cooled really quickly. As we were all so tired we weren't very enthusiastic, but as we got into it and realised how cool and fun it was, we couldn't wait to see the results.
(as a quick note, I have never smelt something as fruity and yummy as kiwi mixed with green fairy liquid and salt, it was like heaven) In the end, after a few easy steps, we added ethanol and protease to break down proteins so we could simply view the DNA by itself. It was really fun, and a really interesting way to learn about DNA and its composition.

Tuesday was great too actually, with the day starting off with a double art class in which we all started to work on our puppets. We had spent many weeks completing our cassette tape celebrity portraits, so it was nice to have a change and move onto a new project. We all did sketches of how we wanted our puppet to look, and then we had to come up with what kind of person they were going to be, as we hope to do a puppet show at the end of TY for our parents. I have to be honest, I am finding it really hard to get started as I am not a very artistic...actually that is an understatement haha, but I'm sure it will look good in the end.

Also on Tuesday we made the single most delicious creations known to man. Lemon Curd Cupcakes. Now, you should be aware, that I, Lauren, and a "Lemon-a-holic". I love lemons, and I love anything with lemon flavouring, lemon icing, lemon sauce, lemon anything. Therefore these were my perfect cake. They were so good that I am definitely going to make loads more this weekend :)

Well thats all that happened so far this week in TY, yesterday was a work experience day so check out my work experience blog (linked on the right hand side) to read all about how that went.

Bye bye ~Lauren~

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