Friday, 14 September 2012

My First Two Weeks In TY? Check

I have just finnished my first two weeks of TY and my overall impression so far ..? Better than I ever could have hoped for. Already I am so glad I chose to do this year. I was dreading a few classes and didn't know what to make of the way things were done. I have loved my first two weeks!

I am in a wonderful class full of really nice friendly people. All my teachers are great and the atmosphere of TY is always a good one. There seems to always be a sort of buzz about the place.

Our first day of workshops was the best day of my first TY week. Not having classes each Wednesday is such a foreign notion. It's nice to break up the week and have a change though.

TY has already taught me alot of new things and I have already made some new friends. Our trip to Carlingford is coming up this Monday and everyones really excited! Should be a great experience all round and hopefully it won't rain excessively :)

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