Friday, 21 September 2012

Our Carlingford Adventure :)

It's the Friday after our busy week out and about. We set out to Carlingford Adventure Centre early Monday morning and were entertained by Tangled on the bus on the way over. Upon arrival we were given our rooms and a place (the drawers in our room) to store our many sweets and sugary treats. We were split into two groups and set out on our first activities of the day.

One group set off to the water activities and were clad in wet-suits, helmets, and their oldest shoes. It was really cold and quite wet but it didn't seem to dampen anyones spirits. Canoes were set up for those who were taking part of those who didn't got to go on an amazing power boat ride around the water, which was scary, but a lot of fun too. Once everyone had their fun on the water, games were played on the sand and, just our luck, the heavens opened up.

Once everyone was dressed and dried, we got to head back to the centre for a well deserved lunch. There were a few moans and groans about lost shoes, soggy feet and sore arms, but everyone still had a fantastic time on the water. Lunch was great, chips, sausage rolls and beans. I of course came prepared with my own homemade sandwhich, as you do. After we were all full and warm again, it was time for a quick change into our wellies and head of to the next activity

While some went on the water for the evening, the others went out to the high ropes. On the way, it absolutely lashed and everyone got soaked to the skins. Eventually the sun came out and dried us all off. The high ropes were, well, really high, and pretty scary to be honest. I wasn't brave enough to try it out, but I wish I had now. Zorbing was next and that was crazy fun for everyone. What could be better than rolling down a slippery grassy hill in a big inflatable ball???

That evening there was a night walk and even though I wasn't there I heard it was super fun and a great laugh! That night we stayed up a little later than we should have and ate maybe one to many sweets. Despite this, everyone got a good night sleep and woke up happy and looking forward to the activities of the day. This was Tuesday, and it was my favourite day! First there was team challenges which were sooo good. They really got us bonding together and talking to new people. We may have ended up with the least gems at the end but we had great fun together! :)

Final activity?? The BEST thing I have ever done. We trecked up a very, very, steep hill. We were half dead before we made it up but we did it. We were kitted out with our laser guns and army style jumpsuits. Lasers. Most fun thing you will ever do. We got split into teams and were let loose after being told all the rules and safety regulations. Never thought I would kill 25 people in one the game of course. The sun came out and we walked home feeling warm and dry for the first time during our trip. Loved the lasers soo much :)

Overall, the trip was amazing. We all met new people, and made new friends. I never realised just how many lovely people there were in T.Y. People I would never have thought to speak to before. Carlingford was a fantastic experience and was really beneficial as a team building and bonding trip. Also, our instructors were amazing and so nice and helpful. Loved it. Best Trip Ever. Huge thanks to Mrs. L for taking usm hugely appreciated :)

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