Friday, 18 January 2013

Back After Christmas :D

Most people dread to go back to school after a long break, but in TY, I don't know why anyone would. I was looking forward to coming back and seeing everyone again. We had about one day to get back into the swing of things, and then we were straight back into work! Projects were assigned, plays were written, and mini-company reports were printed.

Busy busy busy! With cookery, sewing, mini-company, and art projects, we are all run off our feet, but we all love it really. In Home Ec we made a delicious apple crumble which was half eaten before we even made it out the school doors.
Then we began to start our Teddy-Bear making in our other weekly Home Ec class, which for someone like me with a sewing phobia, is a bit tricky haha.
In art, we had to pick an image of a famous person, a singer, actor etc. We sketch it out, and then we will create the image using the inside of tapes. I chose the gorgeous and wonderfully talented Robert Sheehan for mine, well, who else could I chose?? Heehee
Along with these, the single most stressful aspect of TY, is coming to a close. Mini-Company. Our reports had to be all written up and perfected, and we have to be working on our presentations, and our displays. Our judging will be taking place on Monday....nervous.

(I shall include a little picture of Sheehan here, just so you know who I'm talking about.)

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