Saturday, 26 January 2013

All things T.Y,

Over the past few weeks, we have had trips and important events taking place. On the first week back we had our trip to the BT Young Scientists exhibition in the RDS :)
This was a great day out for all of us as we got to spend the whole day , which gave us time to see all that was on display, and even take part in some of the activities without constantly time checking.
It was even more wonderful as our school was represented by three students in T.Y. who did an amazing project on The Effects Of School Bags On The Shoulders, Neck, and Spine.
The girls really did the school proud, and won a rosette for their super display :)

Another very important thing that actually happened just this Monday gone, was the Mini-Company Judging. This was held in the school hall, everyone set up a display, and reports were sent in to the judges.
Everyone put in lots of effort and each company gave a presentation the judges from the Kildare County Enterprise Board.
Three awards were given out in each class; a display award, a business report award, and an innovative award.
The Mini-Company I was in along with six other girls from my class (who are all amazing and put so much work into making our company the best it could be) won the display award for our class :)
It was a nerve wrecking and exciting day!
Everyone had fun, but we were all glad of a little time off from the stressed of running your own business haha

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