Friday, 1 February 2013

Off we go to Mullingar ;)

On Tuesday this week, we (Class Síocháin) headed off to the Briery Gap Theatre  This was because our class had split into two and in these two groups we wrote up two separate plays. Three very talented girls wrote these scripts and we had been working on them for weeks.
They were based on issues in the world today. One was on the effects of war, and the other was the effects of homelessness.
We put in so much time and effort into trying to perfect them, and even though it was quite stressful, we pulled together and produced two fantastic plays which we performed in front of the judges at the theatre :) we haven't heard back yet from the judges so we are not sure if either groups have gotten through.

The weather was absolutely horrendous the day we went, with crazy winds and awful rain. So, maybe us going down to the pound shop wasn't a wise move.
Some girls went down to the playground for our last half hour, but some of us decided to go get some treats, instead of the pound shop, we found heaven.
Mr. Simms Sweet Shop. Heaven on earth.
It had everything you could possibly imagine, it was just like an authentic old sweet shop, so, we bought a few things and decided to head back.
Then the heavens opened, without any warning whatsoever.
It was ok though, we all had plenty of sweets to help us get over our rain related trauma haha :)

Overall it was a great day out, the theatre was absolutely gorgeous, really nice place with lovely friendly staff. I hope one day we can go back to see a play :)

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