Tuesday, 26 February 2013

All work no play-wait that's not right...

Hello and welcome to another addition on the TY updates haha.

Our first week back after our much enjoyed mid-term started off with a super fun, all day workshop! Our workshop was called Jabba Jabba Jambe (link at end of post) and was provided by the wonderful David Day!
It was the most fun I have had in ages, and turns out I actually have rhythm. We all have a Jembe drum of our own, and we also got to play some really cool traditional African instruments, all percussion.
It was a great way to start back, as we got to laugh, sing, make tonnes of noise, and best of all, just be down right silly! Which was helped by the wearing of some mad looking hats.

It was also a very successful and busy week for those of the students who got through to F1 and Mini-Company. The girls of F1 team Rapido Y Furiouso got themselves a radio interview with KFM, and were absolutely fantastic!
Also, a huge congratulations to Katie Hurley who has gotten through to the Junior Spiders with her blog! (Link at end of post)

On Friday the girls set off to Lollipop day to raise money for Osophageal Cancer, off into town. Despite the cold, the shaking hands, the chattering teeth, they kept their smiles and positive attitudes. Fair play to all the girls!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Jabba Jabba Jembe: http://www.jabbajabbajembe.com/about/
Katie Hurleys Blog: http://katielouiseblogs.blogspot.ie/

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