Thursday, 7 February 2013

Random Update :)

Just a quick update on what has been going on this week in the world of TY:

In Home Ec we made a delicious chicken, mushroom, onion and bacon risotto. The smell in the Home EC room was just divine and had everyone's mouth watering :)
We continued to do our regular classwork, but in terms of projects, on the run up to mid-term we seem to be getting a bit of a break.
However, we are still working away on our Fairytale adaptations for English along with projects for the Sci-Fest Science Competition (Which is all very stressful might I add, but great fun all the same).

We all know that once we get back from mid-term the projects will be unleashed once again...we may moan and groan on occasion but we love it really :) we are all looking forward to a nice break, we shall finally be able to have a lie in, which makes us...............................very happy bunnies!!

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