Friday, 8 March 2013

No drama queens here...well not really...

As I had said in a recent post, there were two dramas written in my class, Class Síocháin. Both dramas were performed in Mullingar Briery Gap Theatre , and as I also said in another recent post, the group which did a drama on the effects of homelessness, the prejudice we have toward homeless people in society, got through to the National Competition which was held in Cork on Friday last (1st of March)

Well well....we headed off after a busy morning of the SciFest Competition Judging, and it was a very long three and half hour journey. It was well worth it though, we sang and chatted the whole way there, and arrived at around half three, leaving very little time to get organised to go on stage.
Despite how manic, crazy, hectic, it was backstage, and also pitch dark, we managed to pull it all together (even with some minor mistakes, it's all in the recovery guys.)
We were only there about a half hour and then it was back on the bus for a four hour journey home, though we were lucky enough to have gotten to stop off at a very swish McDonalds on the way back home.

It was just the other day that we found out that our 11 person drama had won two awards

The Adjudicators Award for best atmosphere created in a production.
The Runner Up Award.

We were all so delighted that all our hard work and our effort had been recognised, and that we were able to pull an actual production together and act it so well that we received awards for it.
The experience has allowed us all to grow in confidence, to see whether acting and being on stage is for us, and to allow us to gain new skills.

Found  a few little actors in the process ;)

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