Saturday, 16 March 2013

Retreats and Quartets :)

Hello again ....

This week has been a really cool one, with really great revelations and new friends being made. On Wednesday we headed off to Tallaght, to the Dominican Retreat centre. None of us knew what to expect as we had never been to this place for a retreat before, and we had no clue what we were going to be doing. I think we were all slightly apprehensive when we were informed we had to get into five large groups with people we were comfortable with. I was in a group with 17 other girls.
We had a lovely leader with us and we all had to answers questions and share our own experiences of home life etc.
It was a very emotional day, there were tears and laughs, but it all in all we made new friends, and became incredibly close through the experience. We now all know within that group that if any of us ever need someone to talk to, we have someone we can trust and rely on.

On the bus on the way back, after we had all cheered up considerably and realised how good an experience the day was, I was sitting with three friends. We began singing random songs and it sounded pretty good as there were harmonies and everything. We decided that we would form an "informal quartet" for all future bus journeys...hopefully we don't annoy anyone haha

On Friday we had our annual Lá Glás (day of green) which we have every year coming up to St. Patricks Day. So, I got decked out in all my green attire as you do, literally from head to toe covered in green. As part of the day we got to watch a few films and enjoy some fun activities, which included our "informal quartet" having our first performance in front of the class. Which they seemed to enjoy which is good.. :)

The day was finished off with a wonderful Irish play performed by Class Cairdeas, which ended with some mad dancing ... all in all it was a really good week in TY.

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