Friday, 22 March 2013

Well well well...

This week was another busy and fantastically fun one in the world of T.Y.

It started off nicely with a long weekend, off on Monday, then it was just one day of regular class before we were off again on the buses we have become so accustomed to during our time in TY.

All three of the TY classes wrapped up warm, donning hats, scarves, gloves and coats on Wednesday morning ready to set off on our mini pilgrimage.
We hopped on the buses and off we went to Kildare Town, where we went to a lovely little heritage centre in which we watched a really informative short film on the history of the town and what Saint Bridgid had to do with it.
After this, we were shown around some of the local "landmarks" such as statues, round towers and a cathedral.
Mr. K provided us with all the knowledge we could ever need on the history of these places along with their religious significance. The cathedral was lovely and really peaceful which was a nice break from the singing on the bus. It was absolutely freezing though. I have only today fully regained the feeling in my frozen feet. :)

After this, we headed off to the National Stud/Japanese Gardens to see two of Saint Brigids wells. This was a lovely part of the day (apart from the cold) as we got to really just enjoy the beautiful tranquillity which the entire area around the wells seemed to exude.
The wells were lovely and had flowers and tokens which people would place there so you would be remembered in their prayers.
By this time we were all getting super hungry and were off we went to Whitewater!

After refuelling in the food court and at Starbucks, we were ready to head off to K-Bowl to end our day out on a high. Bowling was so much fun and we got to spend time with others in our class that we wouldn't usually spend that much time with. I got two strikes. Oh yes. Success.

Overall our day out was super!

In other non TY related news: Robert Sheehan is "apparently" coming back to Love/Hate after his character Darren was shot. I can tell you now, that caused a lot of excitement on Wednesday morning haha :)

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