Friday, 8 March 2013

In todays news....

Hello and welcome back to another edition of the T.Y. news ....

This week has been a little less hectic than last week. This week we had two talks, and our last day of work experience (which is so sad really).
So, our first talk, which took place yesterday was in Trinity College. It was a really interesting insight into Intel and what they do, along with why we (as young women) should consider going into a career in science. It was really lovely as the speakers were all very down to earth and spoke about what they did in a way that was easy and simple for us to understand.
We were also provided with a lovely little lunch bag which included a sandwich, an apple, popcorn and a cup of either tea or coffee.
Megan and I however were rather pre-occupied with trying to locate the "Napper Tandy" pub that was in Love/Hate. We succeeded.

The other talk we had was today, and it was a talk on the Ian Daly Swim a Mile with a Smile. Basically it was on who Ian was, why the charity swim was set up, and then some information on Barretstown and what they do to help children and teenagers along with family's, who are suffering from illness.

In other news, in English we are almost finished watching the amazing Oscar Winning film "The Artist" which is just incredible, for a silent movie it is one of the best films I think I have ever seen.
In Geography we have finished our world diseases posters, and are continuing to watch "Contagion" as part of our medical geography experience.
In Business, we are creating a new cereal, along with the box design and brand identity, and advertising campaign.

That is it I think.... stay tuned for more T.Y. updates :)

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