Friday, 26 October 2012

Another week goes by In the land of T.Y....

Another week has gone by in the land of TY and it has been another hugely successful and fun. This week we have our hugely anticipated Halloween dress up day. A lot of work has gone into the day with some people even making huge efforts to dress to impress. Some girls even got up extra early to create some amazing costumes.

As T.Y.s we are all dressed as the un-dead, zombies!!! :)

We had an amazing fun day and everyone got into the spirit and fun of the day, even if they were not in costume, they made the effort to take part in activities and to get into any games we did.

Over all this week in TY was great, there was no down points to this week it was fantastic all round :) then again....when is a week in TY not fantastic??

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