Friday, 9 November 2012

The Names Bond.James Bond.

This week in TY has been absolutely mad...the week was going just as any other would, classes, projects....but then, Thursday came around. We were all excited to be getting a change of scenery and going on the bus to Naas for a talk on our mini-company entries. We had all piled into the cinema where it was to take place, and got seated. Forty minutes had passed and we all thought it very odd that the meeting hadn't started yet.

We were then giving the very sad news that the woman who was to give us the workshop was very ill and unable to attend. (we all hope she gets better very very soon x).

We all thought we were going to be taken back to the bus and that we would have to go back to our normal Thursday classes. Then, it happened. We were told instead of going back to school, we were going to get to watch Skyfall. Yes, the brand new Bond film. A cheer erupted in the cinema and with good reason..

The film was incredible and the atmosphere was electric. The movie was one of the best I have ever seen and everyone seemed to think pretty much the same thing too. We thought that the day couldn't possibly get any better, we were wrong. Turns out TY is full of lovely surprises.

When we left the cinema we were each given a bag with popcorn, jellies, Sprite and a Madagascar 3 cup in it. Needless to say this had everyone leaving the cinema in a fantastic mood :)

Alot of unexpected things happen in TY....I absolutely love that about this year :)

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