Friday, 30 November 2012

Another week in T.Y...

This week in T.Y.  hasn't been as busy as usual, which is very strange and uncommon haha. It was a welcome change though as we are always on the go. This week our T.Y pictures were taken, and like the past three years I think, I missed I had to have it done today, looking all tired and bedragled after just getting back from Newbridge.

Why were we in Newbridge? Well we had a meeting with a member of the Enterprise Board about the progress of our business mini-companies. It was held in the Odean cinema there. We learned how to be successful in business by being polite and listening, along with being an assertive communicator. We learned about aggressive, passive, and passive aggressive people also, the way we should handle certain situations in business also. It was very helpful as we are all working in teams.

We then got to go to the White Water shopping centre food court, this was great because after the long bus ride and delays of the morning, we all appreciated something hot :) it was, naturally, freezing.

For me, it has been a good T.Y week as I got my Junk Kouture project finished which will now allow me to focus more on other aspects of other projects. Over the next few weeks it will get pretty hectic with projects, Junk Kouture fashion shows and deadlines, and the final work experience of 2012 ....

Wish us luck haha :)

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