Friday, 23 November 2012

A T.Y. Update :)

I know I haven't posted in a while but I didn't have much to write about up until today :)

The past few weeks that I haven't been updating for have been very busy, we have had lots of projects and deadlines to meet, so we were all running around like headless chickens to be honest ha ha.
Once we got our biggest projects out of the way, we could go back to less stressful few weeks in T.Y. We have all still been working super hard on our Junk Kouture over the past few weeks, many of us are coming close to finishing, the group I am part of is actually just a few blobs of glue away from being done.
Then we were all very busy with our entries for the F1 in schools national competition, which we are doing in our Technology class.
Along with these projects we have had History and Geography to be working on, along with an English mood board (which was super fun) and a life journey through images. quotes and songs.

This week  alone has been great. On Tuesday we were given the chance to take time out in our English class and go to the library (the newly stocked and fantastic library should I say). We were allowed to select any book of our choice and read for the class. This was a really great way of getting people to sign up for the library, simply because, if you picked and book and started to read it, and loved it, you would want to become a member so you could keep it (for three weeks) to read it. I got a great book and I am loving being part of the schools library :)

In maths as part of doing our cryptography, we have been watching the film "National Treasure" which is really interesting and also a nice change from the usual maths theory we have been doing. On Thursday the T.Y.s were all invited to attend a talk in the library by one of our teachers here at school, on The Simon Community and her work with them, and what they are all about. This was so interesting and I found it really inspiring the work that the organisation does to help the homeless, and also, the work that this particular teacher did completely voluntarily.It was really insightful and uplifting to know that there are options and help for those in need.

So that's what has been going on over the past few weeks, I promise not to leave such a big gap between posts again (swear) ha ha :)

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